Felted Goodness

Kbo and I went to Snohomish the other day for inspiration and we found the most kick ass felted bags from En Gry & Sif - a pair of gorgeous Danish sisters who have a great sense of color and design. I am coveting a hobo bag from them - but want even more to be able to make felt as good as they do. Felting really is an artform - and a wet one at that. In order to get the unspun wool to form a fabric you have to wet it down with soapy water and agitate it so the fibers interlock. I wanted to make a big felted bowl for Kbo for her birthday and ended up making her a little birdsnest. Maybe I'll get her to take a picture of it someday - it's pretty funny looking.

Another felter that I admire is Supermaggie. The scarves are all one piece of fabric - no sewing or anything - super difficult to do. The gal at Velouria sells 'em and I have to say that those scarves are impressive - soft, warm, hip and beautiful.

Her pins are adorable, as well.


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