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I learned a lesson on Web Etiquette today. A blogger whose photo I used to show my readers what Maple Blossoms look like emailed me and asked me to remove the photo. Even though I had given this person credit and linked to their blog, I had neglected to get permission to use the photo. My apologies, I feel yucky about it. While ignorance is no defense, I just had no idea what a faux pas I was commiting. But it makes me wonder how the blogosphere keeps on rolling if everyone has to ask permission to use a photo from another site. If I were using this person's photo to sell something, or claiming it as my own - that would be shitty, super shitty. But I wasn't. And other people have emailed to thank me for blogging about them. Bottom line, I guess, is that I do not own that photo, the other blogger does, and they have all the right in the world to control that photo. The mister says that people should ask permission, and that this and other issues regarding Creative Commons are hot topics in the blogging world. So, I will learn this lesson and change my ways, for sure.


Blogger Robyn said...

Man, I so would NOT care if people used my photos, figuring they're not making money from them or claiming them as their own. Even when people don't link me, I don't really care. But...I suppose people have their reasons.

It makes me happy to see that other people find my photos useful. All I do is point, shoot, and edit. I suppose I'm the author of the photo, but ...uh, the delicious cake in the center is also a main part of it. Ah well.

Oh, I guess I may ask someone to take a photo down if it's hogging my bandwidth...which never happens, so nevermind! :P

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