Petaline and Letterpress

Inspired by Design Sponge's guide to letterpress designers, I thought I would feature our fabulous Petaline letterpress peeps.

Lettre Sauvage

Port2Port Press

Posy Press

What is letterpress you ask? Here's a little overview written by Karin:

Letterpress was created by Johann Gutenberg in Germany in the 15th century as an alternative to the painstaking process of calligraphy by hand. Letters and forms were hand cast in metal and printed on a press, allowing printers to move type around and re-use letters (that’s where the blog software “Movable Type” got it’s name). This printing process was used over 500
years, until the introduction of offset lithography in the 1950’s and digital printing at the end of the 20th century.Though the letterpress is no longer used for mass printing, it never completely disappeared due to private printers who wanted to print
their own words and artisans who loved the look and feel of hand printed work. Recently, there has been an even larger resurgence of the art form with graphic designers and artists, and letterpress can be seen in wedding invitations, music posters, cards, and limited edition artwork.For more info about this craft, visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Letterpress.


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