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is Design*Sponge and we just got a shout out from them. What a thrill.

Sadly, it's coming at a time when we've decided to close shop for a little while. Karin is pregnant and experiencing the buzz-kill of morning sickness and my little Ruby Lou is keeping me super busy, not to mention the back end work that the site is demanding and it's all proving to be more than we can give. So, we'll be up and running until March 1 and then off line until around the end of the year when we plan on returning with a new and improved site. Needless to say, Karin and I are both heartbroken over having to make this decision. We put a lot of hardwork and time into Petaline and it's hard to let it go. But, we're not saying goodbye for good, we're just saying goodbye for now.

Much love in 2007! Ali


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just read this and felt a little sad that no one had seemed to comment! I only just met you, but I will miss you! But don't be downhearted. My good friend Donna and I are looking at wonderful sites like yours as inspiration for our own effort, which is going to try and take some of your wonderful US energy and design sense and give it out from the little old UK. Being a Mum is HARD sisters, and you are wise to give yourselves the time and space to take on the challenge.

Hug to you both. I'll check back later in the year and see what gives.

south coast UK

2:25 AM  
Anonymous Autumnhaze said...

I'll join Catherine (previous poster) in wishing both of you well! I just found this site (through Design*Spot) and just love it! So, I'm sad to hear you'll only be running it for another 6 weeks or so. But, of course, you have other more important matters to take care of -your (current and expected) children! So best of luck and I'll try to enjoy the site for the next month or so!

Karen (aka Autumnhaze)
Ohio - U.S.A

5:51 AM  

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