Sometimes the world just breaks my heart

Have you every heard of Joseph Kony? He's the leader of the "Lord's Resistance Army" in Uganda. His soldiers are Ugandan children who he kidnaps and forces to murder their family members. As a consequence of these nightly kidnapping, Ugandan children have to walk to safe zones every night in order to sleep in peace and wake to another day of freedom. A group of humanitarians have started a campaign called The Name Campaign to bring worldwide attention to these atrocities in Northern Uganda. An arrest warrant has been issued for Joseph Kony by the International Criminal Court for his crimes against humanity. "As US citizens, we need our government to bring our full diplomatic pressure to bear with the Ugandan government – to bring about an immediate end to Kony’s reign of terror. It can be done – without US military action or increased spending – and without further loss of life." This can't be accomplished unless we bring this travesty to light. You can help by purchasing a dog tag with the name of an abducted child soldier engraved on it.


Blogger Martijn said...


I reconize what you mean. I even became a member of care and an intenrational webvideo collective named world event village.

It is a bit contradictinal because now i am unemployed and getting depts to pay these bills.

I will keep the care foundation but when i have a job and girlfriend again i will terminate the world event village.

Kind regards,
Martijn Fransen

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