I'm back!

So, when I started this blog I didn't really have that much on my plate and now - just 3 months into it, I'm expecting a baby, starting an on-line boutique, working full time and trying to help the mister in the garden for as long as I can. So, that doesn't leave too much time for blogging, or more accurately, for mining the web and the world for blog topics. Sorry to say I have fallen into the cursed blogging rut. I don't even really have time for knitting anymore, although I did finish an adorable baby bolero that I will photograph after I get around to blocking it. In the mean time, here are a buncha photos from our garden, of which we are immensely proud. The mister's whole life has been changed by gardening, from a handsome suntan to less complaining from his knees - he's a much happier mister.

Bok Choy

Baby Blueberry Bells


The slowest blossoming Azalea in all the land



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