Dinner with the Bo-Scho's

Today was my birthday and we made a big dinner for Karin and her husband, Scott. It was so fun. The mister and I really enjoy cooking together and we spent the day planning the menu and shopping for ingredients. West Seattle has a Winter's Farmer's Market where we bought a chicken, some chicken liver pate and some raw milk (unpasteurized!) from Sea Breeze Farm, a Vashon Island animal farm. We also got some organic potatoes.

Our next stop was the Husky Deli, a West Seattle institution. We got a delish $6.99 Tempernillo as well as Italian prosciutto and pancetta. A few stores down from the Husky is West Seattle's newest culinary addition Bakery Nouveau were we picked up an olive loaf as well as a chocolate tart and a few pieces of Boston Creme Pie to share. So, in addition to the items we already had from our CSA, the menu consisted of: bruschetta with a selection of toppings, roast chicken with potatoes and celeriac, kale with pancetta, olive bread and those delectable pastries.

Everything turned out great, the chicken was moist and flavorful, although since it was a free range chicken, raised on grass and bugs, and all the other things that livestock used to be raised on, there was less breast meat and more meat on the thighs and drumsticks. It wasn't one of those puffed up steroid laced birds with almost no flavor. But there was definitely less white meat. The pate made from those same chickens was so smooth and well balanced - simply delicious and one to base our future "house pate" off of.

All in all it was a great birthday.


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