Pregnancy Arsenal

Because I work in an herb store I've got easy access to all sorts of natural remedies. Here is a shot of the products I am taking during my pregnancy:

My favorite vitamin line is New Chapter, so I'm taking their PreNate's as well as their Cal Mag supplement.

DHA is an Essential Fatty Acid from fish oils that is good for the baby's developing brain. I'm taking Nordic Natural's DHA product, they're the best on the market.

My stomach upset has been out of control, so I've recently added chewable papaya enzymes from Country Life and they've been saving my butt.

The last thing I'm taking is acidophilus - yeast infections are common with pregnancy women because our cells metabolize sugar differently - hence gestational diabetes and most anti-fungal herbs are not safe in the first 2 trimesters of pregnancy, so I aim to take some preventative measures.

Along with those supplements, I'm drinking my pregnancy tea that has red raspberry leaf, nettles and a little bit of spearmint. Studies have shown that drinking raspberry tea during the pregnancy helps facilitate a smoother labor and nettles are extremely nourishing - good for those days that I can't really eat all that much.

Here's a great pregnancy herbal resource if you're interested in more information.


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