The adventures of Sprints the pug

Sprints did the Furry 5k last weeked with her gramma. Sprints is not really what you'd call a trim and fit pug, so 5k was a lot to ask of that little girl. My mom said she was a trooper though and only had to be carried a couple of times. I guess there were like a million dogs there - my mom says that Sprints ignored all of them. Typical. She's a people dog as opposed to a dog's dog. Here are some photos from the walk crossposted from Kbo's blog:

Here's Sprints with Oskar the Irish Wolfhound and Bjorn the lab mix. Oskar is like 7 feet tall.

My mom, LMB, Cosmo and Sprints.

I told my mom not to let Sprints go swimming because pugs sink like stones when they try to swim, so they took this photo just to get my goat. That's my family for you.

Sprints came home and slept for 12 hours straight!


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