Smidge's nursery in the Land of Nod

Smidge's nursery is going to be a bird theme. I don't love birds in general, but I have seen so many cute bird things since I've been pregnant, that I just had to go with it. The Land of Nod reliably has some great bird things:

I've been trying to be good and wait on buying anything, but the singing bird in the birdcage above reminded me so much of one that my grandmother had, that I had to snatch it up immediately. I've been so nostalgic lately.

The room that is currently the mister's office that will be Smidge's nursery is painted a really nice yellow, "honeyed pear" is the color. The mister thinks I chose it because that room was going to be my craft room once the he got the garage studio built. Secretly, I picked that color because I thought it would be a lovely color for a nursery. It will be perfect for a boy or a girl.

ps. think how perfect a painted birdhouse gourd will be in this nursery.


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