My Quest for the Perfect Cocktail Table

So, remember our new living room furniture? I'm so excited for it to come next saturday that I can hardly stand it. But, we NEED a cocktail table. The mister would say that we don't NEED one, but that I WANT one. This is true, and it's verging on obsession.

My first inclination was a modern glass topped table, a la Noguchi:

Then, I remembered that Ruby won't always fit in the Baby Bjorn and will eventually start to walk and that a glass table isn't really condusive to toddlerhood.

So, then I turned my covetous gaze towards the Eames plywood table:

This one is still in the running, although, I'm not 100% sold on it. Not sure why exactly becasue it's perfect in many ways: round edges, light wood, mid century modern look, and I could find an affordable replica somewhere. But it's not quite a slam dunk for me yet.

My new direction is to take it a little ecletic with this beauty from Tonic Home:

I love the Chinese Chippendale look and the punch of red on the top. Not sure the mister is sold on this idea. Not sure I am either.

Maybe we need a darker table, since the rest of the pieces are light. I found this one last night and the price is right. It's from Overstock.com, an unlikely source.

I'm just not sure which direction to go. I'm hoping once the furniture comes all will be revealed...


Blogger TonicHome said...

How about the Soma Square Coffee Table from Tonic Home?


The square shape works with the sofa, wood top is easy for kids and open metal base will keep the table from filling up the room. I think it's a great choice!

5:33 AM  

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