Cute new clothes up at the shop

One of a kind skirts from new designer Glamspoon

And new Fall/Winter/Holiday tops and skirts from RikaRika


New Piece of Vintage Art

Not sure about this one - what's the verdict?

Above the bed

I've finally settled on something to put on the wall above the bed:

The photos are terrible because our room is painted a dark brown and very cave-like (just the way we like it) but you get the idea. A Japanese bird fabric (bought from Azalea Studios) in one huge and two normal size embroidery hoops.



My first roll of 120 film using the Holga actually had images on it. I'm so thrilled. Nevermind that all the images are blurry, I may still have some of them printed just for my own bedroom wall. I'm just that sentimental.


David Newsom


I got my Holga today. I've already taken a roll of color and a roll of black and white and taken them to be developed. I'm pretty sure I loaded the film wrong and won't get any images, but it's all about getting to know this camera, I guess. I'll post whatever I get when the contact sheet is ready.

If you've never heard of a Holga, here's more info.


Jason Waskey

I love the work of Seattle artist Jason Waskey. The mister and I have several of his pieces on our walls. I'm excited by Jason's new work - 5x7 pieces for 100 bucks each. Check these out. You can purchase them at his website.


I am so inspired by the Housemartin blog. She's opening a retail store in Portland in the spring. I'll be making a trip down there to check it out fo sho.

All images from Housemartin and/or Ink and Peat.


Petaline has had some blog mentions from some incredibly sweet people:

Sion over at Cuteable posted about Kate's collages. Sion has a great eye for the cuteness.

Portland blogger Chelsea metioned us on her blog Frolic. I'd like to give her a shout-out right back. Her flower arrangements are incredible.

And Irene over at Bloesem posted about Kristin's pillows. Bloesem is a daily read for me. Her taste and sense of design is so innovative and unique - I always discover new things from her.

I hope you add these great blogs to your list of daily reads.


Happy New Life

Dorothy Lurin Schorn.
Karin and Scott's baby girl was just born.
Mazel Tov to you both.


Daily Candy

Petaline has made Daily Candy. Very cool.


Super Sale

on Suzabelle's summer line over at the shop. Most of these pieces can still be worn into the fall/winter months - hurry, though, stock is limited!


Mariah Skellorn

Beautiful and interesting photography by this student at Edinburgh College of Art. She calls this series "Convenience Food" and is a comment on fast food and our lack of a sustainable food supply that supports farmers.

peas and carrots

fish and chips

eggs and bacon

all images are by Mariah Skellorn.


I'm so excited

to welcome Kristin Loffer Theiss to the shop. She makes the coolest thread drawing pillows - all done freehand on the sewing machine in one continuous line. Check these out:


Check out these handmade shoes by Hetty Rose:


via Clothes Pin.


Profound and Disturbing

Check out this exhibit of photographs of abandoned suitcases from a mental hospital in New York.

Suzabelle Sneak Peak

I am so excited for Suzabelle's new line. Here are some sneak peaks - the pieces will be in the shop next week.


Beautifully Great Idea

Julie and Maditi make this blog and it's gorgeous. Here are a few images that I especially love:

images from 2 Views.

Ruby Louise

I can't believe our Little Miss will be 9 months old next week. She has no time for the crawling and wants to get right to the walking. She's a pistol!


over at Black Eiffel loves Flora S. Bowley. Thanks for the shout out!

ps. Rachel - your baby is adorable!