Bonnie Heart Clyde

I'm proud to welcome Portland designer Emily Katz and her Bonnie Heart Clyde line to the shop. Emily embroiders some really cool images using the sewing machine on to cute clothes. I've only got a few pieces for the time being, but I hope to increase my inventory soon. Here's a peak:


New venture

I've started repping some lines from the shop. Find a list of them here. If you are interested in ordering any of these lines, email me at alison AT petaline DOT net.


my family and I visited Salt Spring Island in the Gulf Islands of Canada. It was a magical trip, the weather was gorgeous and everyone got along great. The island is home to many artists and small farms and is known for it's lamb. Luckily, we were there on a saturday and we able to visit the huge farmer's market they have there.

We visited an incredible dairy called Salt Spring Island Cheese Company where they make exquisite goat and sheep's cheese. We also visited a shop that imports french fabric - the people who own the shop live in a house that is modeled after Marie Antoinette's farm house at Versailles. Wine from one of the island's wineries and fresh bread along with the goat cheese made for a perfect picnic lunch.

We hiked around Ruckle Park on the south end that has majestic peaks over looking shallows with purple starfish.

I really needed to get a way for a bit and this trip was perfect for that.


Catching up

Whew - I have to say that when I get busy, this blog suffers the most. Here's a quick recap of what's going on at Casa Brownrigg:

I was featured as a Reader Fixx over at Indie Fixx. That was fun to do, thanks Jen!

I've finally picked up the knitting needles again and am actually knitting something for myself, this hat, pattern by the gorgeous Marieke over at Treats and Treasures.

New at the shop: Troubadour totes by Crystalyn Kae. I just love her bags.

The other day I ate this:

and next weekend I'm helping out Suzie of Suzabelle at the Thread Show. If you're in Seattle, come by and say hi!


The bike of my dreams

I spied a girl with this bike on Ballard Ave the other day. She said she got it for 100 bucks on ebay - brand new.

How cute is this bike?