Welcome Shannon!

What a thrill it is to annouce our newest Petaline artist: Shannon Bowley. Recently returned from 6 months volunteering for Katrina clean-up, Shannon has launched a new line of prints inspired by that experience and Petaline is one of the few places to carry them.

Begin Again:

Life Cycle:

Each print is on 16 X 20" archival quality paper, and the image is 11.5 X 14.5". Each print is signed and numbered by the artist.


Petaline and Letterpress

Inspired by Design Sponge's guide to letterpress designers, I thought I would feature our fabulous Petaline letterpress peeps.

Lettre Sauvage

Port2Port Press

Posy Press

What is letterpress you ask? Here's a little overview written by Karin:

Letterpress was created by Johann Gutenberg in Germany in the 15th century as an alternative to the painstaking process of calligraphy by hand. Letters and forms were hand cast in metal and printed on a press, allowing printers to move type around and re-use letters (that’s where the blog software “Movable Type” got it’s name). This printing process was used over 500
years, until the introduction of offset lithography in the 1950’s and digital printing at the end of the 20th century.Though the letterpress is no longer used for mass printing, it never completely disappeared due to private printers who wanted to print
their own words and artisans who loved the look and feel of hand printed work. Recently, there has been an even larger resurgence of the art form with graphic designers and artists, and letterpress can be seen in wedding invitations, music posters, cards, and limited edition artwork.For more info about this craft, visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Letterpress.

Cafe Juanita

The mister and I enjoyed a heavenly dinner with great friends at Cafe Juanita last sunday night. Cafe Juanita features the flavors of Northern Italy. Chef Holly Smith is committed to using local and Organic incredients and is able to swing it 80-90% of the time. That's right up our alley, so we piled into the car and trucked it over to Kirkland. It was a sublimely transcedent meal - I wish I had pictures of the dishes to show them off, but you'll have to be satisfied with the menu. We tried our hardest to sample as much of it as we could.

Incredible Bufala Mozzarella with Assorted Fritti that puts the kind you get out of the plastic tub at the supermarket to shame.
A perfect D'Anjou Pear with Pinenuts, Parmigiano Reggiano and White Truffle Oil salad as well as a Parmesan soup special that had cubes of squash and shreds of kale - perfect for the rainy weather we've been having.

For the pasta course we had 1/2 orders of Barbaresco Risotto
Tagliatelle with Chanterelles, Marjoram and Parmgiano Reggiano
and Orechietti with Pancetta, Peperoncini Farciti Piccanti and Fennel Pollen. All were good, but the simple and straightforward Risotto stole the show and reminded us that Italian food shines when it is prepared simply.

The mister moved on to the Wagyu New York Strip with Cipollini in Agro Docle
Victoria had the Quail with Potato, Polenta, Lobster Mushrooms and Huckleberry Sauce
Mike had the Saddle of Oregon Lamb with Lamb Sugo, Toasted Rosemary and Gnocchi di Semolina and
I tried the chef's signature dish: Rabbit Braised in Arneis with Ligurian Chickpea Crepe, Pancetta and Chanterelle.

Having never had rabbit before, I was eager and a little nervous about trying it. As the entrees were served, our normally chatty table quieted as we dove in to our meal. We had just read a bad review in the Seattle Weekly that had specifically mentioned the dish I was trying, so I know we were all waiting to see if a little too much salt ruined what up to that point had been a perfect experience. Not a chance. The meat was tender and the sauce was perfect. Perfect.

We were all thrilled with our entrees and actually had room for dessert which included:

Zeppole dusted with Black Truffle Salt with Olive Oil Gelato (Zeppole's are doughnuts, I love doughnuts)
Lemon Leaf Crème Brulée with Ricotta Fritelle
a special dessert brought by our friendly waiter just for Smidge:
Pralus Chocolate Truffle Cake with Burnt Sugar Gelato and Malted Merinque

Let me just say that Burnt Sugar Gelato has got to be the most incredible gelato flavor ever conceived. It's like the top of a Crème Brulée in ice cream form. Smidge loved it.

This is a splurgeworthy restaurant. I hope we can make it out there at least once a season to sample the ever changing menu.

Blue Bottle Art Gallery

About 6 years ago, the mister and I lived on Capitol Hill in the Pike/Pine corridor. We rented a loft condo in a building called the Portofino right across from The Capitol Club. That neighborhood is a mix of great boutiques, cool coffeehouses, good restaurants and The Blue Bottle Art Gallery. Blue Bottle is actually in the bottom of the Portofino - they moved in after we had moved out, but I had an occasion to swing by the other day and was happy with what I found. Home to artist Matthew Porter, Blue Bottle "exhibits and sell artwork and handmade functional items from local and national up-and-coming artists, designers and crafters." That's an endeaver close to my heart!


Crafty Wonderland pics

We had a super time in Portland at Crafty Wonderland earlier this month. We met some great people and some new vendors. Here are some shots from the show:


Great News!

Free Shipping on ALL Petaline orders until January 1, 2007!

More New Vendors

Karin has been working furiously to get all our vendors up just as fast as she can. Here's a few new ones to check out:

Embroidered kid's clothes, bibs and pillowcases from 60 Bugs.

Cool clutches from Pear.

More to come - check back soon!

Crafty Wonderland!

Doesn't that sound like a great place to be? Well, Petaline will be there this Sunday, October 8th. It's held at the super cool Doug Fir Lounge in Portland from 11-4, so if you're in PDX, give us a holler!